Welcome to the world of business transformation, innovation, and excellence brought to you by Confexco’s signature event, The Business Transformation & OPeX Confex and Awards (BTOPEX). At Confexco, our vision is rooted in bridging knowledge gaps, fostering connections, and providing practical solutions to the challenges that business executives face in today’s dynamic landscape.



How can we help my clients do more with less?



How can we help our clients become more successful in their business?



Why does the client choose to do business with us and what can we do to make sure these factors remain strong?



Are we helping our clients leverage the best of technology and meetings to scale their business?

“We never expected confexco to go beyond their scope or work and help us close a deal. End result of taking part in their event was achieved only because of their vision to deliver successful events for everyone.”

Amanda Everett

Confexco was born with a clear purpose – to create international conferences and exhibitions that transcend traditional boundaries and empower business leaders to overcome obstacles while envisioning new possibilities. We strive to understand the intricacies of the challenges executives encounter, fostering both existing relationships and novel connections that spark innovation and growth.

Our approach involves curating intimate, intentionally designed environments that facilitate meaningful conversations. Through both in-person and virtual platforms, we bring together a league of forward-thinking experts, exemplary practitioners, and disruptors who defy conventions. These industry leaders not only comprehend the challenges but have also demonstrated their prowess in solving them.

At Confexco, our mission is to construct world-class business events that serve as platforms for meaningful peer-to-peer conversations and interactions with solution providers, all within an engaging atmosphere. Our meticulously crafted conferences stand as trusted beacons in the business world, drawing the participation of influential enterprises and institutions worldwide. These events are meticulously designed to tackle the burning issues that senior executives grapple with in their professional roles and industries.

Our conferences and exhibitions epitomize gatherings of the foremost experts, senior-level executives, and industry leaders who share a common passion for addressing pressing challenges and embracing next-generation innovations. Anchored in research, driven by content, and abundant in solutions, each of our events offers an invaluable experience.

The Business Transformation & OPeX Confex and Awards (BTOPEX) is more than an event – it’s a transformative experience that unites visionaries, industry leaders, and solution providers on a singular platform. At Confexco, we invite you to be part of this journey as we reimagine the possibilities, overcome challenges, and pave the way for a future defined by innovation, excellence, and collaboration.

Welcome to a world of knowledge, connections, and limitless potential. Welcome to BTOPEX by Confexco.