The Business Transformation And Operational Excellence ASIA
Awards 2024


05-06 March, 2024


Delhi, India

Explore the Exciting Awards Categories for BTOPEX Asia 2024: Discover the prestigious accolades up for grabs at the BTOPEX Asia 2024 event. From groundbreaking innovations to exceptional leadership, this year’s awards showcase recognizes outstanding achievements in various categories. Learn about the diverse range of accolades, including technology advancements, customer experience excellence, sustainability initiatives, and more. Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the best of the best in business and technology operations at BTOPEX Asia 2024.

Recognizing Excellence Across 17 Categories: Unveiling The Diverse Awards At BTOPEX 2024

Shining Brilliance: The Golden Globe Project Award Honours Exceptional Achievements In Innovation And Impact

The Golden Globe Project Award, the pinnacle of recognition at the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence event, is not open for direct entry. This distinguished accolade is bestowed upon the most exceptional business achievement among all the entries received. Carefully selected by the esteemed judging panel, the winner of this prestigious award embodies the epitome of success across all project categories.

Once the judges complete the second stage of their evaluation process, which involves selecting winners for each category, they are tasked with nominating one or two entries they deem the best within the program. If these nominated entries have also emerged victorious in their respective categories, they become contenders in the deliberation to determine the recipient of the coveted Golden Globe Project Award.

During this phase, the judges engage in thoughtful discussions, thoroughly examining the merits of each nominated entry. As the discussions draw to a close, every judge nominates their choice for the Golden Globe Project Award. Subsequently, the votes are counted, and the winner is ultimately selected.

The Golden Globe Project Award serves as the grand finale of the ceremony, generating a moment of anticipation and silence. All category winners hold their breath in anticipation, as they recognize their chance to claim this ultimate accolade, signifying the pinnacle of achievement within the entire program. The revelation of the organization deserving of this prestigious award marks the climax of the event, enveloping the room in a palpable atmosphere of excitement.

BTOPEX Honours Exceptional Leadership: Introducing The Lifetime Achievement Award For Individual Leaders

The BTOPEX Lifetime Achievement Award – Individual Leader is an esteemed recognition that celebrates exceptional leaders in the field of business transformation and operational excellence.

Please note that this distinguished award cannot be entered for, as it is exclusively conferred upon exceptional individuals by our esteemed panel of judges.

This prestigious accolade seeks to honor those visionary leaders who have made extraordinary contributions throughout their careers, leaving an indelible impact on their organizations and industries. The recipient of the BTOPEX Lifetime Achievement Award is selected through a rigorous evaluation process led by our panel of esteemed judges.

The judging panel, comprising renowned experts and industry leaders, carefully reviews the accomplishments, leadership qualities, and profound influence of each nominee. Their collective wisdom and expertise guide the selection of the deserving winner who embodies the essence of exemplary leadership, strategic vision, and transformative impact.

The BTOPEX Lifetime Achievement Award – Individual Leader stands as a testament to the remarkable journey and outstanding achievements of those exceptional individuals who have shaped and inspired the realm of business transformation and operational excellence.