The Business Transformation And Operational Excellence Asia
Awards 2024


05-06 March, 2024


Delhi, India

How To Enter The Project Awards

About the Awards & How to Enter

Experience the synergy of excellence at the upcoming Business Transformation and Operational Excellence Asia Awards 2024, held in conjunction with The Business Transformation And Operational Excellence Asia event. In today’s ever-changing market landscape, global organizations face unprecedented challenges that demand swift adaptation.

Industry leaders are ushered into a remarkable era of transformative change and disruption. Senior executives must proactively embrace these new technologies and business models to ensure their organizations consistently excel in execution. Effective change management becomes pivotal in facilitating a seamless transition towards digitalization, while fostering a culture of inclusivity, effective communication, and adaptive leadership.

Join an elite gathering of cross-industry transformational leaders at our event, where thought-provoking discussions will illuminate best practices and challenges. Delve into optimizing strategies, structures, capabilities, and processes that drive organizational transformation through the trifecta of people, processes, and new technologies. Additionally, discover invaluable insights on surmounting the obstacles associated with fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Embrace the winds of change and seize this unparalleled opportunity to propel your business towards operational excellence and transformative success. Mark your calendars for the Business Transformation and Operational Excellence Asia Awards 2024, where innovation, inspiration, and excellence converge.

Confexco‘s Events comprise engaging programs that encompass hands-on workshops, real-life case studies, lively panel discussions, and interactive group sessions. These thoughtfully crafted events aim to facilitate a fresh perspective on your organizational structures, capabilities, and processes.

There are no specific criteria or limitations regarding the scale of the Digital Transformation or Operational Excellence project. Each entry will be judged on the merits of the program implementation and the results achieved against the organization’s strategic objectives. 

We allow multiple entries per category or the same entry into multiple categories if it is relevant. 

This is your opportunity to win recognition on a global platform for the great work that you and your Business Transformation colleagues are delivering for your organization. 

Please take a moment to read the provided information regarding how you can submit your projects for this prestigious Awards program.

How To Enter The Awards

To ensure a seamless entry into this esteemed Awards program, kindly review the Entry Guidelines & Rules section for each award category, familiarize yourself with the Criteria for the Judging Panel, and consider the Tips for Enhancing Your Entries. To express your interest, please click here to register, and we will be in touch promptly.


Registration is FREE. 

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Key Dates
05 March, 2024 – Awards Ceremony & Winners Announced

We eagerly anticipate receiving your entries. If you need any further assistance, please contact us at

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  • Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver Business Transformation
  • Achievement in Digital Transformation in Healthcare
  • Achievement in Digital Transformation in Government Services
  • Achievement in Cybersecurity and Data Protection
  • Achievement in Customer Experience Excellence
  • Achievement in Agile Transformation Excellence
  • Achievement in Operational Resilience
  • Achievement in Sustainability-driven Digital Transformation
  • Leadership in Digital Transformation
  • Achievement in Metaverse project
  • Achievement in Data Analytics and Insights Excellence
  • Achievement in Digital Innovation
  • Achievement in Excellence in E-commerce and Digital Marketing
  • Achievement in Supply Chain Optimization
  • Achievement in Innovative Use of Emerging Technologies
  • Achievement in Web 3.0 project

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Main Entry Document

For The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards, each entry in the Project Categories should focus on one project. The main entry document, limited to four pages of A4, must include a 250-word synopsis at the beginning. This document serves as your pitch and should encompass all the necessary information about the Operational Excellence activity.

The 250-word synopsis acts as a helpful aid for judges, providing them with a summary understanding of your entry. It also serves as a tool for you to guide them to the key components and significant results within your submission. These guidelines are designed to help you stay focused and concise. Keeping the document to four pages ensures relevance and avoids excessive descriptions, as judges prefer succinct entries that highlight the essential facts.

To enter, complete the online entry form, providing detailed information about your project. You have the flexibility to submit multiple entries per category, and if relevant, you can submit the same entry into multiple categories.

Please note that entries should be based on work conducted primarily between 2021 and 2023. The project does not have to be started or fully completed within this period, as long as significant work was carried out during this timeframe.

To maximize your score and meet the criteria set by the judges, it is crucial to include the following information in your comprehensive four-page main entry document:

  1. Strategic Objectives and Project Scope: Clearly demonstrate how your project aligns with the organizational strategy, emphasizing its strategic relevance.
  2. Project Implementation Process and Timeline: Describe the process and timeline followed during the implementation of the project, highlighting key milestones and critical steps.
  3. Project Challenge and Utilization of Creative Tools: Explain the size and complexity of the project challenge, showcasing the innovative and creative tools utilized to overcome obstacles and drive success. Additionally, highlight any organizational development initiatives that were undertaken.
  4. Impact of the Project: Provide detailed insights into the positive effects of the project, specifically focusing on the benefits experienced by customers and the value generated as a result.
  5. Business Results: Present the business outcomes achieved by the project, ensuring that all results are presented in percentage terms. If applicable, raw data can also be included. Financial business results such as earnings, sales revenues, and margins should be supported by evidence. However, the judges will also consider the strategic relevance of the results and the value generated.

Remember, addressing all the required information in your entry document is crucial to maximize your score and impress the judges.

Supporting Materials

Participants have the option to submit supporting materials to provide additional insights. These materials should not exceed two pages of A4 size. They may include internal documentation, organograms, as well as internal and expert reports as relevant examples.

While it is not mandatory to include supporting materials, if you choose to do so, we encourage you to cross-reference them within your main entry document. This ensures that the judges are actively prompted to review them.

Previously, we allowed more pagination for supporting materials. However, feedback from the judges indicated that excessive and irrelevant materials were often supplied, diminishing their enthusiasm for thoroughly reviewing them. Consequently, we have limited the length of supporting materials to maintain focus and relevance.

If you wish, you can mark support documents as confidential. Rest assured that they will be securely destroyed after evaluation to ensure confidentiality and protect sensitive information.

50 Word Summary For Published Materials

As part of your application, please furnish us with a concise 50-word summary for each of your awards entries. If you are shortlisted, these summaries, along with those of other finalists, will be featured in the prestigious Awards Book Of The Night. This publication is distributed to all attendees at the awards ceremony, the BTOPEX Confexco, Media and supporting Partners, as well as all Transform your business subscribers post-ceremony. With a cumulative reach exceeding 2 million individuals worldwide, this is a remarkable opportunity to showcase your achievements to a vast global audience.

Criteria for the Judging Panel

During the evaluation process, the judges will meticulously assess each entry based on the following key criteria:

  1. Strategic Relevance: How well does the project align with the organization’s strategic objectives?
  2. Value Generation: What is the level of significance in terms of value generated for the organization through the project?
  3. Customer Benefit: To what extent have the project results positively impacted customers and their overall experience?
  4. Implementation: How effectively was the project implemented, taking into consideration the quality of the implementation process?
  5. Leadership Engagement: What level of involvement did senior management demonstrate throughout the project?
  6. Organizational Learning: In what ways has the organization evolved and grown as a direct result of the project?
  7. Creative Use of Tools: To what degree did the project deployment showcase innovation and creative utilization of tools and resources?

By thoroughly examining each entry against these criteria, the judges will determine the exceptional projects that exemplify outstanding business transformation and operational excellence.

The Scoring Matrix is as follows:

Strategic Relevance

Score 1-3: The organizational strategy is not strongly aligned with either Digital Transformation or Operational Excellence.
Score 4-6: Operational Excellence or Digital Transformation holds a significant position in the organizational strategy.
Score 7-10: Digital Transformation or Operational Excellence holds a key position in the organizational strategy.

Value Generation

Score 1-3: Results are not particularly impressive.
Score 4-6: Results are moderately impressive.
Score 7-10: Results are very to exceedingly impressive.

Customer Benefit

Score 1-3: Limited evidence of customer benefit.
Score 4-6: Entry demonstrates a reasonable level of customer benefit.
Score 7-10: Significant customer benefit is evident.


Score 1-3: The implementation process is unimpressive.
Score 4-6: The implementation process meets a reasonable standard.
Score 7-10: The implementation process is of an impressive standard.

Organizational Learning

Score 1-3: Limited signs of organizational development through Digital Transformation or Operational Excellence.
Score 4-6: The entry demonstrates a commendable degree of organizational growth achieved through the implementation of Digital Transformation or Operational Excellence.
Score 7-10: Significant organizational development is evident through Digital Transformation or Operational Excellence.

Creative Use of Tools

Score 1-3: Project deployment lacks evidence of innovation.
Score 4-6: Project deployment demonstrates reasonable evidence of innovation.
Score 7-10: Project deployment shows significant evidence of innovation.

Best Practises for your Main Entry Document

When submitting your entry, please ensure that the main document consists of a concise 250-word synopsis at the beginning, followed by a maximum of four pages of A4. This single document serves as your pitch, encompassing all relevant information.

The 250-word synopsis plays a vital role as a guide for the judges, providing them with a summary understanding of your entry. It serves as a useful tool to highlight the key components, particularly significant results, within your submission.

These guidelines serve as a valuable aid to maintain focus and conciseness. By adhering to the four-page limit, we aim to keep the entry relevant and impactful. The judges prefer entries that are succinct, cutting through excessive descriptions to present the essential facts of your achievement.

Read the guidelines thoroughly

To maximize your chances of success, it is vital to adhere to the guidelines specific to the category you are applying for. Avoid any potential information gaps that could result in point deductions, as your entry will be evaluated based on its score. Paying meticulous attention to detail is of utmost importance, as even subtle differences can be easily overlooked. Ensure strict adherence to the guidelines to optimize your submission’s impact.

Enlist the help of your Comms Department

The influence of a skilled and adept writer in crafting an entry is undeniable. Judges thoroughly enjoy reading well-written submissions, recognizing that a carefully constructed piece not only piques interest but also flows effortlessly. In fact, a well-written entry often has a higher likelihood of clinching victory, as it captivates the judges and enhances their overall reading experience.

Consider your Entry as a valuable 10-minute pitch opportunity or a compelling case study

Captivate the judges from the start to secure their undivided attention. Initially, you’ll typically have approximately 10 minutes to make a lasting impression. However, if you succeed in impressing them, they will generously allocate additional time to carefully evaluate and score your entry. Remember, human nature dictates that when you leave a strong impact, they will advocate for your success during the deliberations to determine the winners. So go above and beyond to impress them and reap the benefits of their unwavering support.

Keep it concise and relevant

Resist the temptation to fill any leftover space with irrelevant details, even if you have a quarter page to spare once all the essential information has been provided. Surprisingly, many award-winning entries have word counts well below the specified requirement. Remember, leaving blank space on a page can actually be visually appealing to judges who review numerous applications. Quality and relevance should always take precedence over unnecessary content.

Let the results do the talking

The focus of this awards program lies in tangible results – from cost reductions and sales growth to productivity improvements and more. We encourage you to provide us with concrete facts and figures that substantiate your achievements. Enhance your entries with well-defined charts, compelling data, and a visually appealing presentation. By incorporating these elements, you significantly increase your chances of achieving even greater success in the program.

Get a colleague to proof-read

Ensure that your entry is comprehensible to an external reader, as they will be the judges. An employee might not provide an objective perspective, so it’s important to involve someone slightly removed from the project to guarantee clarity. This will help externalize your document and ensure its coherence.

A clear structure

Present your case study with utmost clarity, ensuring it is easily navigable for the judges. Optimize the use of clear and informative images, avoiding unnecessary tangents and keeping the focus on essential facts. Maintain a well-organized document that flows seamlessly, avoiding scattered text boxes. Prioritize neatness and readability to enhance the overall presentation of your case study.

Tips for Improving your Entries

We apologize if some of these suggestions may seem like common sense, but they are crucial for maximizing your chances of success. To ensure a strong entry for the awards program, please consider the following guidelines:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines thoroughly to avoid any gaps in information that could cost you points. Remember, your entry will be evaluated based on its score.
  2. Adhere to the guidelines closely. This will help judges find the necessary information and compare entries more efficiently.
  3. Understand the distinct entry requirements for each category.
  4. Select your best achievements for submission.
  5. Stay within the specified limits for materials, such as the page count for the main entry document. Failure to adhere to these limits could lead to disqualification.
  6. Be concise, relevant, and to the point. Avoid unnecessary elaboration unless it truly enhances your entry. Even if you have space left after providing key information, resist the temptation to fill it with irrelevant details. The award team has observed successful entries that are shorter than the allowed pagination.
  7. Seek assistance from your Communications Department. Entries that have been well-written by skilled writers are highly appreciated by judges.
  8. Obtain an objective opinion by asking colleagues from a different division to review your draft entry honestly.
  9. Consider your entry as a 10-minute pitch opportunity or a case study.
  10. Let the results speak for themselves. Emphasize the tangible outcomes, such as cost reductions, sales growth, and productivity improvements.
  11. View your entry as a 10-minute pitch opportunity to impress the judges. Initially, you have their attention for 10 minutes, and if you make a strong impression, they may dedicate more time to evaluating your entry.
  12. Emphasize the results achieved. This awards program focuses on tangible outcomes, so provide factual evidence of your success.
  13. Have a colleague from another department or your partner proofread your entry to ensure it makes sense to an external reader, which is what the judges will be.
  14. Select the most suitable category for your entry, ensuring it has the best chance of winning.
  15. Cross-reference supporting materials such as charts, graphs, and reports to the relevant sections in your entry form.
  16. Avoid common mistakes such as spelling errors and poor grammar.
  17. Do not attempt to bend the rules, as this can irritate the judges and potentially lead to disqualification.

By following these recommendations, you can enhance the quality and effectiveness of your entry, increasing your chances of a successful outcome.

Key Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Entries

  • The presentation of the facts is severely lacking.
  • Excessive inclusion of irrelevant material.
  • Links provided do not lead to the intended information.
  • Overwhelmed by excessive data without a cohesive narrative.
  • Lack of conciseness, relevance, and clarity.
  • No mention of the benefits for the customer.
  • Length exceeds the designated guidelines.
  • Failure to select the most suitable materials for submission.

The Judging Panel

The esteemed Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Asia Awards feature an independent panel of highly regarded experts in the field of Operational Excellence. Led by a Chairman of the Judges, who is a renowned authority in Operational Excellence, this panel ensures the highest standards of assessment.

To qualify as a member of the judging panel, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a leadership position or an equivalent role within their organization.
  • Their organization is recognized as one of the leading deployers of Operational Excellence in their sector, as validated by our Advisory Board and research findings.
  • Willingly adhere to and abide by strict codes of confidentiality.

If you are passionate about Operational Excellence and wish to be considered as a member of the judging panel, we invite you to apply by clicking here. Your expertise and insights can contribute to the fair and thorough evaluation process of these prestigious awards.

Judging Rules of Conduct

The judging process for the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards is conducted by a panel of independent judges carefully selected by the Awards organization. These judges are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement that prohibits them from discussing any information obtained from the entries externally.

To ensure fairness and impartiality, we strictly adhere to a non-conflict judging code. This means that judges working within a specific industry sector, such as financial services, will not assess categories that include entries from organizations in that sector. We prioritize avoiding any potential conflicts of interest to maintain the integrity of the judging process.

Furthermore, judges with a potential conflict of interest related to a specific entry will not be involved in evaluating that particular entry. In the selection process, our utmost focus is on transparency and fairness.

To maintain the integrity of the judging process, sponsoring organizations are not permitted to participate in or influence the judging process during the shortlisting or winner selection stages. They will only have access to information that is publicly available.

Rest assured that the judging process for the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards upholds the highest standards of integrity, independence, and fairness to ensure the recognition of deserving individuals and organizations in their respective categories.

Unleash Your Team’s Potential: Apply Now and Discover if You’re a Winner!

  • Has your organization achieved remarkable business outcomes through the implementation of Operational Excellence?
  • Has your team successfully executed an Operational Excellence project that yielded exceptional business results?
  • Is your organization seeking global recognition among industry peers for the outstanding outcomes achieved through Operational Excellence initiatives?

If you and your team have accomplished something extraordinary, it’s time to apply and receive the industry recognition you truly deserve.


Benefits of WINNING

Industry Recognition

Showcase the tangible outcomes achieved by your team and impress the global business community, including your CEOs, by highlighting the successful implementation of Operational Excellence projects and programs. Elevate your organization’s standing as a top-performing entity committed to exceptional achievements in Operational Excellence.

Being shortlisted for or winning an award not only brings you worldwide recognition but also guarantees continuous visibility all year round. Proudly showcase the exclusive award winners logo on your website and marketing materials to let stakeholders know about your unwavering commitment to Operational Excellence.

Attract the best industry talent

Top-tier organizations naturally attract the finest talent in the industry. As winners of prestigious awards, these organizations witness a surge in applications from forward-thinking executives seeking to join their ranks. This influx of interest is a testament to the reputation and excellence achieved by these industry leaders.

Being on track to secure the coveted promotion you’ve been aspiring for

Achieving a shortlist or winning an award will provide your leadership team with invaluable recognition and enhanced visibility.


When you showcase the remarkable business outcomes achieved through your implementation of Operational Excellence, you can anticipate securing enhanced funding from your leaders, shareholders, and board members.

New Business

Unlock new business opportunities and contracts by showcasing your outstanding business processes and commitment to driving continuous improvement throughout your organization. Achieving Operational Excellence will serve as undeniable proof of your dedication to excellence.

As a result, our vast network of 350,000 global executives will be informed about your remarkable achievements. This exposure will provide your organization with unprecedented visibility and potential collaborations on a global scale. Embrace the power of recognition and seize the opportunity to expand your business horizons.

Terms & Conditions

The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Asia Awards acknowledges the significance of confidentiality and retains the prerogative to disclose information about award winners and shortlisted entries. If any supporting materials are provided in confidence, it is the responsibility of the entering company to inform The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Asia Awards about any confidentiality restrictions. The Awards shall not be held liable for any failure to provide such confidentiality details.

Shortlisted organizations are expected to attend the in-person Awards Ceremony on 05 March 2024, and, if applicable, the Award Winners Panel with Q&A on 06 March, 2024. We value the presence of finalists at the ceremony as it enhances the overall awards experience. We understand that circumstances may change beyond your control, but we kindly request that you submit your application only if you are confident about attending the awards ceremony. During the Winners Panel, you will not be expected to disclose any confidential data, facts, or figures.

By participating in The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Asia Awards and being selected as a finalist or winner, you give your consent for your organization’s name to be used for marketing purposes pertaining to the awards program. This may include promotion by our organization directly or by third-party media covering the awards program and/or ceremony.

All finalists are required to create a Poster Board presentation in an infographic format, sized 40″ * 40″, showcasing the story of their project/program. These presentations will be displayed for all attendees at the venue.

By submitting and paying for your application, you confirm that you have reviewed and agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions for entries. Moreover, you affirm that all information provided within each entry is 100% accurate.