The prestigious Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Asia Awards showcase a distinguished panel of esteemed professionals specializing in the field of Operational Excellence. To ensure a seamless entry into this esteemed Awards program, kindly review the Entry Guidelines & Rules section for each award category, familiarize yourself with the Criteria for the Judging Panel, and consider the Tips for Enhancing Your Entries. To express your interest, please click here to register, and we will be in touch promptly.

Main Entry Document

Each entry in the Project Categories should focus on one project. The main entry document, limited to four pages of A4, must include a 250-word synopsis at the beginning, which serves as your pitch and should encompass all the necessary information about the activity.

The 250-word synopsis acts as a helpful aid for judges, providing them with a summary understanding of your entry. Keeping the document to four pages ensures relevance and avoids excessive descriptions, as judges prefer simple entries that highlight the essential facts. You have the flexibility to submit multiple entries per category, and if relevant, you can submit the same entry into multiple categories.

Please note that entries should be based on work conducted primarily between 2021 and 2023. The project does not have to be started or fully completed within this period, as long as significant work was carried out during this timeframe. Please use the below form to send your entries. You can also email the same to us: